Parts of the Ylide

Ylide Protocol consists of four main parts:

Ylide SDK

Ylide Client SDK is a “just-add-water” solution for integrating decentralised end-to-end encrypted communications right into your existing or new application. Right now we provide Ylide Client SDK in TypeScript (JavaScript), EVM and TVM connectors.
npm: @ylide/sdk
Ylide SDK core library

Prebuilt smart contacts

It’s a core of our product. Smart contracts used for storing, transferring and managing messages on the blockchain. Contracts pre-deployed by Ylide can be used and seamlessly integrated. Or founders can create a customised solution on the top of it.
We will provide contracts for multiple mainstream blockchains with cross-chain facilitation.
npm: @ylide/ethereum
Ylide SDK EVM connectors
npm: @ylide/everscale
Ylide SDK TVM connectors

Pre-build products

To save even more time of the founders we provide open-source product templates for typical communication use cases, so you can focus on the customisation and skip the hardest part.